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    1. Unique Idea: When submitting an article to Tech Tout, it is important to make sure that the topic is unique and has not been covered before. If the topic has already been covered, the article should have new and original insights on the topic.
    2. Avoid Grammatical Errors: Tech Tout is an English site, and as such, it is important to use proper English when writing articles. To avoid rejection, it is essential to ensure that articles are free from grammatical errors.
    3. Focus on Tech Niche: Tech Tout is a website for technology enthusiasts made by tech geeks. It covers topics such as articles related to tech, movies, programming, metaverse, etc. The submissions should be how-to guides, tips, tricks, tutorials, reviews, or any other tech-related activity. However, if there is something helpful for tech geeks, developers, or users, the author may write about it.
    4. Interlinking: When submitting an article, it is important to interlink it with old Tech Tout articles. At least 4-5 links to old articles will make the article compelling and help in processing it fast.
    5. Meta Description and Keywords: Before submitting an article, it is important to optimize the Meta Description and Keywords using Yoast WP or RankMath.
    6. Featured Image: The article must have a featured image with the Tech Tout watermark. The size of the image should be 1600 x 800 px.
    7. Image Quality: All image files must be no smaller than 1200px in width. The images must be relevant, and it is advisable to avoid copyrighted images. Instead, create or take images yourself and add the Tech Tout logo watermarks before uploading them.
    8. Original Work: All articles must be original work and not published elsewhere. Tech Tout is strict about plagiarism and will reject any article found to be copied or plagiarized.
    9. Credit Your Sources: All sources used in the article must be credited. This is important to avoid plagiarism and to give credit to the original author.
    10. Author Bio: Only one link in the author bio is allowed. All other links should be generic and resourceful. The author should not link to shady or low-quality sites, as the quality of links is checked before publishing.
    11. Article Length: The article must have a minimum of 1000 words, and it is appreciated when the article is over 1500 words.
    12. Google Docs: Authors should only send articles in the form of a Google Docs file. We’ll NOT publish or even open a file that’s attached to the email.

    While anyone can submit the article to be published on TechTout, we reserve the right to reject or remove any article link without any notice. If you’re looking for advertisements, get in touch with us from our Contact Us page.

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